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Hammering in the woods: LMBS Race #2 photos

(Updated 7/5)

The Race #2 course was brilliant. A great mix of everything including a tough ascent on Aspen that had some riders hallucinating. I had a great time watching everyone hammer down on some sweet singletrack and technical sections. I rode the long loop twice: once to shoot photos and again at the end to sweep the course. Summit is always a challenging technical section especially with bone-dry sand. Lower UW’s undulating and curvy track is one of my favorites. My rib is almost healed and I am looking forward to racing in two weeks.

Dwight Hall and Evan O’Toole

Anne Jakle from Laramie

AJ Linnell from Victor, Idaho

Evan in the rock garden

Bob Lefevre from Laramie

Ben Tetons Autclerheick

John Hennings from Laramie

Korey Kreitman from Fort Collins in foreground

Mick McDill from Fort Collins

Travis Posthumus from Cheyenne

Will anyone beat Steve Stefko?

Brian Johnson from Fort Collins

Amy Bey from Laramie

Forrest Selmer from Laramie

Bekah Smith from Laramie

AJ Linnell from one of my favorite towns, Victor, Idaho (Wildlife Brewery kills it!)

Ben Autclerheick out of Jackson, Wyo.

Troy Skitt of Longmont in a rock garden

Gwynn Barrows

Neil Benton in the sage

Dwight Hall in some tech

Michael Belser

Open men leader Stefko

Open women leader Sarah Konrad from Laramie

Brian Johnson from Fort Collins

Kaitlyn Watts from Laramie

Peter Thorsness from Laramie

Kylie Marchant from Loveland

Evan in the Aspens

Steve Stefko has now won eight consecutive LMBS races in the Open Men category going back to June 2011

Paul Christenson from Fort Collins

Chris Herron from Fort Collins


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